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Our Vision with a Mission
Hello Travels P. Ltd was established as a member company of the ‘Harvest Moon’ group of companies’ conglomerate whose story goes way back to 1998. We foresaw a people & the world become highly materialistic in its pursuits for everything that comforts & luxury could offer, with everyone seeking the limelight…& the sunshine, at the same time. We also saw the effects this was having on people all over the world, with mega companies becoming spring boards to living life in the fast lane; and we also observed what stress, boardroom pressure & on-the-job mental fatigue did to people…we saw good people going overboard, the news media splashed stories of suicide, & boardroom executives fell of their chairs because the price for success went over their heads & the heart skipped a beat.
Amidst all this, the drums of destiny were beating with a calling to the wild; yoga & meditation gurus took centre stage, health bulletins introduced stress busters, & most people in developed countries wondered where to go for the ultimate ‘Peace’ & ‘Quiet’ that everyone wanted…to stay away from the veritable ‘rat race’ that destined people to madness, & much of the executive world searched for a sublime place to release the killing stress. All the while, the process of a concept was taking shape to form an idea into helping guests heading to Nepal realize sooner than later that the Godliness found in the beauty of nature and its immediate effects on the human mind was the ideal ‘great escape’ to a more simple life free of the pressures that come with contemporary lifestyles that only invite a visit to the general physician where a true calling into the greater wilderness is the only relief one can experience to a longer healthier life.

The birth of a VISION
It was this time around that the plan ‘Harvest Moon P. Ltd took shape in that the seed of this thought was ingrained in the mind of the vision that was Hello Travels P. Ltd, founded to run the travel and trade business in the Himalayan state of Nepal, cutting across all boundaries related to providing elite services for clients seeking the true value for money paid for hassle free super services in a landlocked country, where tourism is key to the country’s economy, providing employment to millions of its respected citizens.
Hello Travels wishes to set a goal and quest to give visitors the true spirit of Travel and Adventure that sets the mindset of those with a feeling towards the wild to truly enjoy the wonders of nature that brought about the ultimate peace & solitude that was so much the need of the day, way back in 1998. For this is what the birth of a vision beholds in so much that this vision created avenues towards the establishment of a string of companies promoting exclusive holidays and wilderness treks in some of the most remote & beautiful parts of Nepal’s flowing Himalayas.

That created a MISSION
During 1998, 2000, and through 2010 till now, we welcomed individuals and small groups to join us and participate in a host of over 200 holiday categories that begins in Nepal & extends throughout the axis of the Himalayas which also include Tibet and Bhutan. Our assortment of holidays include: all round season open sky breaks, heritage tours, historical walks, classic rural hikes, treks on off-the-beat-trails, raging river rafting, kayaking, remote wilderness treks, overland tours, visiting exclusive religious monuments, breathtaking mountain bike tours, spiritual outings, cozy home stays, real life volunteer programs, exclusive jungle safaris, all domestic & international ticketing services, yoga & meditation with spa therapies & reliable transportation services throughout the Himalayas. We worked extensively to create our own programs that had something for everyone, from the greenhorn to the seasoned hiker. For 15 years, we have organized and led international teams of women and men of all ages, and many of our guests return to us year after year to enjoy what they did in the yester years. Please visit out our new Website that’s highly informative giving you insights into some of the most extraordinary corners of this exotic Himalayan country.
Our long-term philosophy is to provide extraordinary tours and trailblazing adventures at the most pocket friendly cost-levels imagined. We seek to design low-budget, cost effective vacations, while traveling responsibly and enjoying adventures that are sustainable through the environments and cultures we visit. We welcome you to join our team & become a part of our Vision, thereby enhancing our Mission to create meaningful holidays that become family stories to motivate the generations to come.

Hello Travels P. Ltd A Vision & Mission with a Purpose
Our programs are easygoing, serene and touching to the senses when we lead you on ventures around Nepal.
Our time tested experience over the years has enlightened our wisdom, & given us a long and proven record of safe and inbound fun adventures through Nepal, Tibet, China, & India on some of the most fascinating destinations ever imagined. The guides and trip leaders we have on our payrolls are highly skilled on the tough terrain they accompany you on our trips. Coupled with this, our crews have a close practical knowledge of the local folks, customs and temples and shrines in each pictorial village you stroll through. Many of the excellent folks who work for us have an intimate knowledge of the beautiful treks they guide and the vibrant villages we will visit, because for many of them, this region has been their home since birth and they know the lay of the land better than themselves. 
Your sense of a holiday is made meaningful and our team make your visit less outlandish where you literally enjoy the experience of getting involved with the unique and genuine culture of the areas we travel through; you even share a simple meal with the local folks we meet on the way. The local inhabitants hereabouts go out of their way to help make your visit remarkable, & truly enjoyable along the way, and create lasting ties with the glorious landscapes and the people who reside here. Our itineraries are well planned and our staff escorts you with passion and goes the mile to ensure that you not only enjoy the fun but also stay safe and happy.
We encourage those who love adventure from around the world, of all age levels, to join us solo or as a team member or with your own group, whether it’s your spouse, partner, friends, sibling, clients, or colleagues. Most visitors join as individuals, & our team dynamics jell well, and we are able to form successful and safe groups of people that enjoy trekking, climbing, and traveling together…its all family with us as you Hike the Himalayas on treks with us…ridding yourself of your demons & living a life born free…as free as the grass grows…as free as the wind blows as free as the birds that fly across the mountains…BECAUSE HELLO TRAVELS WILL OPEN A WINDOW FOR YOU TO ENJOY LIFE RIGHT TO THE HILT!!!

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